Welcome to St John at Hackney


Thanks for dropping by. We want to extend a warm welcome to you, regardless of your background or belief, in the hope that you will feel loved, accepted and at home at St John at Hackney.

We're on the adventure of a lifetime, with a big vision to bring hope to the heart of Hackney. We've been the spiritual centre of Hackney since 1275, but believe our best days are yet to come. We're passionately unashamed about encountering Jesus Christ, and following him from the heart of Hackney to the margins.

If all of this is new to you, or you'd just like to find out more, then we'd love to invite you to try our next Alpha - a series of free interactive sessions that explore the basics of the Christian faith - which starts soon. 

And above all, please just come and say hello on a Sunday. I really look forward to meeting you soon. 

Al Gordon
Rector of Hackney


Our Culture

Walk into St John at Hackney, and you'll notice our space is unique: high, wide, deep and long. Likewise, our prayer is for God to shape us as a community that reaches high, wide, deep and long in Christ. This is our culture as a church, and it shapes not only what we're doing, but also who we're becoming.



We seek to reach high and lift up the name of Jesus, encountering God's presence and power in our worship as a community. Whether it's incense or electro music, we want to bring everything as our offering. 


We try and open wide our arms to welcome in the whole of Hackney, offering a place of sanctuary, grace and healing, regardless of people's background or story. We care passionately about peoples lives, and work to restore hope. 


We want to be deeply rooted in Christ, and to grow together as a community of friends. We care about culture, creation and the renewal of all things. We look to be fruitful by growing in faith, hope & love.


We long for everyone to find their own rhythm, and live healthy lives for the long run. We give our best away to see others flourish. We started in 1275, and believe our best days are yet to come.